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1  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: Loyola is about to beat Nevada... on: Today at 06:27:21 AM
I only caught the last 10 minutes or so, but it was a fast paced, exciting, fun to watch game.  And I'm glad Loyola won.  I hold no bitterness to them for our loss, and the higher they go, the better we look. 

I hope they make the F4, and maybe more.

But .... so close to playing the 9 seed for a trip to the FF.  So close!

Well...assuming we would beat Nevada I guess.
2  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: TAMU list. Hopefully there will be....... on: Today at 06:25:10 AM
ABK baby!!!

Nice reverse mojo Phil!!!!  Great work.

Despite 30 fouls called on K State.

Number of fouls was ridiculous.  And their best player only played 8 minutes before going out with an injury.  And Kentucky's highly paid mercenaries stiall lost.  Oh happy day!   
3  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: Currie paid and gone on: Today at 06:23:54 AM
Settlement was more than I thought it would be.  I guess the combined payouts for Bruce, Currie and the football staff are around $11M over 3-4 years. 

I would think a lot of the assistants got jobs, but their share was pretty small anyway.  Really wonder how much Jones is making from bammer....my guess is 100K, if that.  Who knows.

Although, being public universities, I would expect the salary from bammer to be public knowledge, as well as the amount paid by UT to Jones. 
4  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: Kentucky is out........... on: Today at 06:13:20 AM
Now if Duke would just lose, this would be an enjoyable Final Four. 

Amen brother.  Preach on.   
5  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: TAMU list. Hopefully there will be....... on: Today at 06:12:54 AM
KY beats K State and will be in the F-4 Hope I'm wrong

A&M did good....they whipped UNCheaters

Yeah.  You wrong.   
6  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: I know it's way early, but on: March 21, 2018, 05:42:14 EDT
And that stank should not be underestimated! I would take a 2009 "kiffinesque" result this year. There is some talent. Not enough, but some 

That would be  a great season for Pruitt's first year.  I'm in on that.   
7  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: Well there you have it.... on: March 21, 2018, 05:41:07 EDT
I feel like I was one who defended her for too long.  "Who could follow Pat, anyway?" was my attitude.  But I see now that this way of thinking is just accepting mediocrity.

Well...I don't care what our tradition is, she went to the Elite Eight 3 out of her first 4 years.  Talk of firing someone with that level of performance is just bat shizzle crazy IMO.  I know that at Tennessee if we don't at least make the FF we are disappointed, but 3/4 on the Elite 8 is just not red card material IMO.

Now for the second year in a row, we don't even make the Region.  This is a serious step down. It creates an expectation that worse will follow. 

What I don't like is that although I have only watched a couple games the last two years, we looked pitiful in them.  I am not an expert on judging basketball performance, although I did play in middle and HS and have coached a few rec league teams, I could tell the team was not playing with heart and also not executing - at times - at other times they do, but certainly they just don't seem to show up for some games.

And if the shoddy product I saw in those few games is what's happening in all the ones I don't watch, then I understand the frustration.

I don't know what Phil is thinking.  Like I said elsewhere, with one year left on her contract, he's going to have to do something. 

I know what I would do.  I would not be in any hurry to re-sign her.  I'd let the pressure build into the season and see how she handles it, and if we have a bad season, the decision makes itself. 

Fulmer is in a strong position IMO. 
8  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: Just reporting what I am hearing........... on: March 21, 2018, 05:32:57 EDT
Who knows?  It's the last year of her contract coming up.  Phil is therefore forced to fish or cut bait. 

A certain very NSFW joke involving fish is also being self-centered here.  But oh man is it funny.   
9  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: Welp....what could have been on: March 20, 2018, 09:12:52 EDT
I call it like I see it. Vols missed a great opportunity to go far in the tournament. It can't align better than that. Kind of like B.Jones in the SECE.  Is Calipari gonna blow his gift seeding? We hope so.
Yes, but I have a warm fuzzy feeling that Barnes will have plenty more chances in the future.  Barnes is most definitely not Butch Jones.  Barnes routinely made the Tourney in a P5 conference and had one Final Four appearance, which is basically like making the playoffs in football, right? 

Butch Jones had a couple conference titles in the AAFC (or whatever the hell the old Big Least is called), and even then lost two games in his best season.

I am not one of those people who say Butch Jones was a terrible coach, but he was at his best, above average. 

Barnes is a good to excellent coach based on his Texas record.  Odds are we compete for the SEC again next year, have a great shot of winning it again, and most likely get a fairly high NCAA seed again.

Anything can happen, but I am confident about the future of the men's program.  My main concern is how long Barnes will continue to enjoy what he's doing.  He is definitely getting to retirement age.

Final thought...it also matters HOW we missed the opportunity.  On paper we had two big advantages against Loyola...rebounding and shot blocking.  Their advantage against us was shot percentage.  Alexander is critical to our shot blocking and rebounding, so there went our two big advantages.  If you paid attention to the game, Loyola was hitting from outside early, so we got on them.  They then went inside and scored quite a bit from the paint, so we had to sag back in and that then opened up the perimeter again.

With Alexander in the paint, I doubt they score as many inside points.

And again, that bounce was ridiculous. 

This wasn't a game we led by 13 in the 4th quarter and found a way to lose, or that we gave up a miracle hail mary on (see two of our last three games in football  ).

This was a game in which one of our key players was out AND they got a really lucky bounce on the last shot.

Worlds different than some of those games Butch Jones blew.  No comparison. 
10  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: Well there you have it.... on: March 20, 2018, 04:36:35 EDT
Trust me on this. I do a lot of online marketing. The first thing "they" do is set their preferences so that they only receive notifications from people they follow. To do otherwise is to be inundated with nonsense. Can you imagine John Curry trying to keep up with the Twitter uproar as he conducted his coaching search, or Butch Jones scrolling through Twitter after a loss?

There are exceptions, including our own Joshua Dobbs, who was notorious for searching for himself on Twitter, then blocking anyone who mentioned anything negative about him (even if they didn't put the "@" in front of his name to directly mention him). It was a bizarre practice, but not something very many "famous" people do on Twitter.

I see what you're saying.  Well if Fulmer is unaware that sentiment has turned against Holly, he isn't paying attention.
11  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: Well there you have it.... on: March 20, 2018, 05:53:42 EDT
At the risk of piling on, I glanced at the tweet again, and it's his personal feed, not an AD one.  I'll bet you a grand Fulmer doesn't let anyone else touch that one, and if he does, he's a fool.   Or let me put it this way, if it was my account, I wouldn't let anyone else touch it.  Too easy for someone to write something embarrassing. 
12  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: Well there you have it.... on: March 20, 2018, 05:51:39 EDT
You are familiar with Twitter, right? If you're a "celebrity" type on Twitter, your mentions, replies and direct tweets will overwhelm you. I guarantee you that unless Fulmer follows you (and that's less than 100 people), there's not a chance in hell that he's seeing anything you say.

The comments are right there in the feed for anyone to see, including Fulmer. 

I think you may be overestimating how a big a "celebrity" Fulmer is.  Come on man, it was a tweet about the lady swim team.  There were only a total of 29 comments!  If he sent it himself, he almost certainly saw the replies.

But for the record, my main point is that I think Fulmer wrote this tweet himself.    It sounds exactly like him.  Even if an AD employee sent it, he still wrote it IMO.

13  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: Holly breaks another record on: March 20, 2018, 05:45:01 EDT
Don't see UT paying a coach a million plus on a program that's losing 2 million.....Ticket sales and donations are down and a lot of that has to do with TV contracts and most games being on TV and people staying home and watching rather than going....I had season football tickets for years when UT wasn't on TV much....when most and now all games are on TV I gave the tickets up in 1996 and haven't looked back.....Also a lot of the LVs fandom was because of Pat....people watched because of Pat. When she was not longer there they pretty much went away with her. I know several here including my Mom and Dad when my Dad was still living never missed a LVs game on TV when Pat was coaching....After Pat stepped down they stopped watching and till this day I have to tell my Mom if they won or lost because she doesn't keep up with them anymore. You'd be surprised how many others did the same after Pat was no longer coaching.

I don't doubt it, but it goes beyond the money.  It's a matter of pride. We were THE Lady's program for many years, and we should maintain that tradition.

I think that when Pat was here, we did make a small amount from the Lady's team, but that was exceptional. I am pretty sure that the great majority of women's basketball programs are financial losers.  U Conn is probably one exception.  There may not be any others.

Bottom line...it's not about money with the Lady Vols basketball program.  Or it shouldn't be. 
14  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: Well there you have it.... on: March 20, 2018, 03:57:24 EDT
If Fulmer is actually composing those tweets, which I would consider doubtful, he almost certainly isn't seeing the notifications. So, unfortunately, the outrage on Twitter won't impact him.

Ah, you're so cynical.  The tweet sounds like him.  And why wouldn't he read the responses.  He does care about the University and it's Athletics, no matter what anyone thinks of him.
15  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: Holly breaks another record on: March 20, 2018, 03:54:29 EDT

IMO the issue is I doubt we'd pay top dollar for some of the top coaches....Mulkey makes around 1.6 million....about the same for the ND coach...Guy at Louisville is around $900,000 and Holly is at $650,000. Don't see the Louisville coach coming for less than 1 point something million. He has built the Louisville program from pretty much the ground up....has good facilities and the attendance is now about the same as UT since they have dropped so much with Holly and her clown show. We are paying Butch to not coach and Currie to not be the AD so I'm not sure UT will pony up for a women's BB coach and a program that lost 2 million dollars last year.

Our program has been one of the most profitable in the NCAA the last 2-3 years.


$80 million profit in 2016...we owe Butch $8.2 million.  Still way ahead.   

Also Currie is likely to settle


Bottom line...UT can afford to pay for coaches right now, and it would be a good investment in the future.  If we can't open the bank up a bit for the Lady's basketball program, then we need to just fold up shop.  We owe that to Pat.
16  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: There isn't much left of my bracket........... on: March 20, 2018, 01:20:29 EDT
Worst bracket ever by me...so far.  But you know, I had Virginia winning.   

One would think all the upsets would affect the field equally, but I guess not.  I must have made some other bad choices.

Oh well....there's always next year.   
17  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: Well there you have it.... on: March 20, 2018, 01:19:05 EDT
I have to walk back what I said a bit.  Fulmer tweeted props to the Lady Vols swim team, who apparently exceeded expectations at Nationals and finished 7th.  So he is paying attention to all the sports.


So he is paying attention.  And if you scroll down past the first few comments, it's all Vol fans begging him to fire Holly.  Fulmer seems like a stubborn guy, so I don't know if that would actually affect his decision, but he at least knows folks are upset.   
18  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: Welp....what could have been on: March 20, 2018, 01:15:13 EDT
Good coaches beat the the teams they are supposed to beat. I know that anything can happen in the tourney, but both Vols teams lost to teams they should have beaten. It's that simple. As far as the Lady Vols, Holly needs to go, pronto. I don't get the fans that defend her. No way a team with the talent the Lady Vols should ever be a 7 seed in the SECT.

The seedings can be misleading.  Loyola is almost certainly better than an 11.  They beat a good Florida team rather easily.  There other games were not so tough, but they haven't lost a game since January and were on a roll.  Losing Alexander was also huge.  It was an upset, but not a very big one, and at the end of the day they needed a ridiculous bounce anyway.

I'm over it and looking forward to next season already.   
19  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: Holly breaks another record on: March 19, 2018, 06:21:27 EDT
Would you say it's a more attractive job now than when Holly took over?  I mean, I could see how some candidates wouldn't have wanted to follow Pat.

Do they look outside the LV family?

I hadn't thought about it, but yes, it probably is more attractive now. 

I say we look for the best coach possible if Fulmer decides to make a change.
20  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: Holly breaks another record on: March 19, 2018, 06:18:19 EDT
I don't remember the year he left but the I don't the program has been the same since Al Brown left. Maybe it's just a coincidence but even Pat's last years weren't great.

I looked it up.  he left in 2002.
21  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: Welp....what could have been on: March 19, 2018, 06:14:52 EDT

In the history of the tournament, there has never (I repeat NEVER) been a region that has featured none of the top 4 seeds in the Sweet 16. Until now. The South Region in Atlanta will feature (5) Kentucky, (11) Loyola Chicago, (7) Nevada and either (9) Kansas St. or (16) UMBC.

Ohhhh....would have been so cool if UMBC got in.   

But you know, KSU is a better match for the kats, so there is that.

And to think we could be in it also   
22  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: UNCheaters going down to A&M big on: March 19, 2018, 06:12:48 EDT
Loved seeing the tar holes go down.  Still not sure why they got a no. 2 seed, weren't that impressive in the regular season, unless the committee gives weight to returning champions. 

But yeah, love it.   
23  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: This performance by AU is less than optimal.* on: March 19, 2018, 06:10:23 EDT
I think it's safe to say with this SEC cluster so far the SEC won't be getting 8 in the tourney next year.

We advanced two, which is what should have happened.  75% of all teams eliminated, 75% of all SEC teams eliminated.

Or if you want to look at it a slightly different way, technically only 4 seeds and above should advance (which of course, never happens).  The SEC had one 3 seed and one 4 seed.  Now, those two teams did not advance, but two SEC teams did advance.

So the SEC met expectations. Would have liked to have seen better, but it's not a disaster by any means.

24  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: Holly pulls a Butch Jones on: March 19, 2018, 06:07:03 EDT
I didn't read that in what she said.

If you're not a part of it, then you don't understand it," said Warlick, who has one year left in her current deal.

But apparently it is the last year on her contract. She will be under tremendous pressure next year.
25  Sports / VTTW Message Board / Re: Holly breaks another record on: March 18, 2018, 11:43:50 EDT
Looks like whatever momentum was left over from the end of Pat's tenure - during which she was not 100% anyway - is about gone. 

I think Phil is going to take his time replacing Holly though.  But will he, or can he, find someone better?  I hope so.  We were the UCLA of the women's program until that douche in Connecticut came along.  We need to get back to that, and that inclues routinely beating UConn in the tourney.

I wonder if Coach Knight wants to come out of retirement?   

Seriously though...he would whip them in shape, for sure.  but might also punch a lady player.   

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