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 on: Today at 05:46:57 AM 
Started by BanditVol - Last post by BanditVol
Is LSU that bad, or MSU that good?  Was Georgia win over ND as overated as I think?  There will be some answers this Saturday.   

 on: Today at 05:24:35 AM 
Started by PirateVOL - Last post by BanditVol
Currie worked under Hamilton in the UTAD.

So...Pirate is on the Currie train.  Not!   

 on: Today at 03:41:34 AM 
Started by droner - Last post by droner
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•Innovis: (800) 540-2505 or https://www.innovis.com/securityFreeze

 on: Today at 02:48:32 AM 
Started by volsboy - Last post by Creek Walker
With the exception of Alabama, every SEC game remaining on the schedule is winnable.

Every SEC game remaining on the schedule is also losable.

I remind myself that we were a late Alabama TD and a subsequent Josh Dobbs fumble away from winning in Tuscaloosa two years ago. But then I remind myself that the 2015 team looked better than this 2017 Tennessee team...I doubt we're fortunate enough to have a late fourth quarter lead at Bryant-Denny this year.

 on: Today at 02:46:42 AM 
Started by PirateVOL - Last post by Creek Walker
Currie??? Do you mean Hart?

Currie worked under Hamilton in the UTAD.

 on: Today at 02:16:43 AM 
Started by volsboy - Last post by BanditVol
I will just be glad when the Vols beat a West team. What is your over/under for that time frame? What if the Vols played in the West instead of the East. Would Jones have been gone already?

Likely Butch would be gone by now.

We  very likely beat LSU.  IMO....

 on: Today at 02:16:08 AM 
Started by volsboy - Last post by BanditVol
It's THE YEAR!  we win em all en route to MNC.   

At least bammer and uf are in Neyland...

 on: Today at 02:11:09 AM 
Started by PirateVOL - Last post by BanditVol
Two things:
1) we will not pay big bucks, haven't in the past and see no movement towards doing it in the future
2) I don't see a proven Power 5 coach EVER coming to Tennessee given its recent past

We are living the train wreck that Hamilton, with help from Currie, created.

Currie??? Do you mean Hart?

 on: Today at 02:10:02 AM 
Started by volsboy - Last post by BanditVol
the Vols remaining conference opponents are games the Vols should win. We are only 3 games in so I am not going to throw this season away yet. I imagine the Vols might win a few we don't expect them to. Which ones, I don't know? I do expect all the SEC games to be a struggle for the Vols.

we should beat mizzou easily, and I think we can beat junior as well

Kentucky another "should beat", but tougher than junior

LSU beatable, unless recent game a fluke, but tougher than UK

Uga beatable, we beat them routinely and it's in Neyland but very tough game

Vandy scares me, but we can beat them

bammer almost impossible, but on any given day

In summary, I think we rather easily win first three above but the next three are tough.  Bammer in class by self.

 on: Today at 01:43:01 AM 
Started by PirateVOL - Last post by Black Diamond Vol
I do not disagree in general terms.
I think he has improved the program, the skill level but seems to have hit a celling
Consistently says one thing but does not follow through within games - see player rotation as current example A

However, consider out last three coaching changes have resulted in the following:
Kiffin - never was a VOL, IMO would have landed us in more trouble with the NCAA than he initially did
Dooley - unmitigated disaster
Jones - righted the ship but seems to be persistently 1-2 clichés away from winning the SECE

I consider Kiffin and Dooley to be a single blunder by the worst AD we've ever had.  Without a doubt, Kiffin should've been vetted more.  Then he skipped town, and Hamilton made a panic hire.  Really, Kiffin (and Hamilton) begat Dooley.  As for Butch, it's easy to point to what's happening right now and say he was a bad hire.  But I would submit that for where we were in 2012, he was a great hire.  Maybe not a home run, but a solid triple.  More than anything else at that time, this program needed and injection of talent and a dose of optimism.  And Butch brought both in spades.  We may laugh at things like "brick by brick" now, but nobody was laughing back then, especially when he landed two top-5 recruiting classes.  Unfortunately, it now appears he has taken us as far as he can.  But because of his efforts, this job is a lot more attractive now than it was 5 years ago.

Looking at the landscape I do not see a lot of realistically available talent we could perhaps lure a current high caliber coach to Knoxvegas.
I suspect we will have to take a chance on an upper level FCS coach or a mid level power 5 coach - pick your poison.

I would submit that there are more quality coaches out there right now than there have been during any of our previous coaching searches (Note that I'm not necessarily arguing for or against any of these guys.  In fact, I would be vehemently opposed to a few of them.  Just pointing out what's out there.):

You want established head coaches?  There are two guys out there right now who have played for and/or won a NC, are well short of retirement age, and are currently unemployed: Chip Kelly and Bob Stoops.  There's even a former Super Bowl Champion, UT's very own white whale Jon Gruden (I know, I know).

There are proven head coaches currently working at lower-tier jobs: Dan Mullen, Mike Gundy, Bobby Petrino (ugh), Mike Leach, Gary Patterson, David Shaw.

Up and comers?  Justin Fuente, Jeff Brohm, Mike McIntyre, Mike Norvell, PJ Fleck.

If we wanted to take a chance on a current assistant, perhaps the two brightest offensive minds in the game who aren't HCs yet are both UT alums- Tee Martin and Jim Bob Cooter (incidentally, Cooter was actually namedropped on HBO's "Ballers" last week.  That would be street cred with recruits right there).

That's just off the top of my head.  There's probably many more that I'm forgetting.  And I think many of not most of these guys would jump at the UT job if the money was right.

Currie is an unknown at this point.  He has made a lot of good moves but how does he handle a major fire/hire situation?  His Kansas record doesn't exactly give me warm fuzzies.

Bottom line, be careful what you wish for, we might just get it, see above.

Keep in mind that since the last time we searched for a coach, the entire UT power structure has been turned over.  We're also the most profitable program in the SEC now, whereas back then we were in debt up to our eyeballs.  And again, this is a much more attractive job today than it was 5 years ago.  As I posted the other night, an incoming coach would inherit a roster capable of winning at a high level right away.  That's very rare at this level.  And while Curry might not have the greatest hiring record at KSU (though to be fair, he only made one major hire- for basketball), he should face far fewer financial constraints at UT.

I've never been fan of the "Coach X isn't great, but who else ya gonna get?" argument.  I just think that if your program has plateaued, you can't be afraid to make a change.  

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