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Welcome to the all new VTTW!
Written by ReVOLver   
Jul 02, 2008 at 03:32 PM

After 10 years, it's time for something new. I'm excited to welcome you to the new and improved VTTW. Our time on the Mudduck server was what defined us as a community for so many years, and I'm grateful to Wayne and Mud for being hospitable hosts for so long.

Most of the links are similar to what was on the old site, but we have a new look and feel, a new server home, and a new message board script. Obviously, any time we make wholesale changes, there can be growing pains, so I appreciate your patience as we work through any problems or issues. If you have any problems at all, please email me directly at .

There should be no need to update old bookmarks... all of the old vttw.net addresses should forward you to where you need to be (or at least a click or two away.)

Thanks for being the best part of VTTW.


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